Keynotes Med-Hoc-Net 2017

Khaldoun Al Agha (Green Communications, France)

Title: Participatory Internet Abstract

Abstract: Participatory Internet (Green PI) to create an Internet with small and wearable smart boxes. By simply switching the boxes, they connect to each other and create a TCP / IP environment with a set of applications and services to communicate locally or globally via a gateway to set among the boxes. The conception of small, light boxes, with battery and embedding TCP/IP environment is unique. The Participatory Internet is a brand of Green Communications. It is visible as a WiFi hot spot access point and provides connectivity to any device (Smartphone, tablet or computer). Participatory Internet meets modern needs of connectivity ie, densification, mobility and energy saving. A set of requirements that are part of the 5G specifications.

Biography: Khaldoun Al Agha is the Co-founder and CEO of Green Communications. He is a professor at the University of Paris-Sud. He led the networking group at LRI Lab and the IT Master degree at the University. Khaldoun Al Agha participated in the structuring and creation of the KIC EIT Digital and coordinated the European Action line Digital Cities in the KIC. Khaldoun Al Agha has published several books and over 150 articles. He also coordinated several national and international projects in networks and telecom. Khaldoun Al Agha was Visiting Professor at Kyoto University and USM (Valparaiso, Chile).